5 tips for the beginning days of pet adoption

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In this time of corona, many people are feeling an increase in stress combined with extra time at home which is making a great opportunity for adopting new pets. I have several friends around the globe who have taken the pet adoption plunge recently and are grateful for not just the distraction from the stresses of the world around us, but for the warm comfort that our new family members bring us. However, it is not all happy feelings. The beginning weeks can bring many challenges and a different kind of stress as you and your new pet get to know each other and learn to navigate these uncharted waters.

After speaking to many new pet owners, I have compiled a list of challenges and tips to help you navigate through these beginning weeks. If you have other questions, feel free to send them to me and I’ll be sure to answer them.

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1. Remember! They have been through trauma.

Just because they have been scooped up by a wonderful new family, doesn’t mean they immediately forget any and all sadness or abuse experienced in the past. As they learn to trust and fully embrace you as their new owner as well as their new home and life, there are often inevitable challenges that you both will face during this time.

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2. Why did they pee on my favorite carpet?!

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After spending 20 minutes standing outside waiting for your new dog to go potty, you decide that maybe he really just doesn’t have to. You come back inside, unhook the leash and start filling the dishwasher. It’s quiet, too quiet. Where did he disappear to?! You start searching the rooms hoping to find him quietly chewing on a new toy but instead find him cowering under the bed. Why does he look so guilty?! Frantically, your eyes start searching the room and then they fall on your favorite carpet which is now covered in fresh dog pee. Your heart drops as you race for the paper towels. The one word in your head is: “WHY?!”        Full article HERE

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3. Learning to communicate with each other:

You and your new family member communicate in two very different ways. The beginning weeks can often feel very frustrating as you both learn how to get along. Since they can’t communicate with us verbally, animals often resort to body language or sounds to try and give us clues into how they are feeling.

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4. What do I need to buy for them?!

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Similar to having a new baby, adopting a new pet comes with a very overwhelming selection of everything to buy for them. From deciding on the best food (wet food, dry food, raw food), toys, pet insurance, harnesses and collars, and so much more! Often in our excitement at having a new family member, we can get caught up in the “but it’s so cute!” shopping options. It’s fun to pick out the cutest bed, the collars, and toys, but it quickly gets very expensive and when we bring it home and find they don’t like that $20 chew toy, we can give up and stop buying things all together. So my advice? Start out slow and with the necessities. Full article HERE

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5. What is normal and what is NOT?

As you are getting to know the rhythms of your new pet and he/she is adjusting to their new life, it can be a blurry line between what is normal and what you need to be worried about. Like any caring new parent, sometimes the slightest change in our little loves can make our stomach drop over the fear that they might be hurting. How do we know when something is serious and we need to call the vet or are we just overreacting?

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