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At the young age of 20, I left everything I ever knew and journeyed across the globe to Australia. My life there completely transformed me as I fell deeply in love with the unique continent and had all kinds of adventures. The experiences I had while living there have been an inspiration for most of the stories I have written and they launched me on my way to learn about and explore the rest of our world.

After traveling to 25+ countries and 5 different continents, I have settled in Slovakia. Capturing my heart in a different way, Slovakia has now become my home where I live with my fiancé and our rescue dog, Sirius. I teach during the school year, continue exploring new destinations during the breaks, and write whenever possible.

**My first children's book is being published with a launch date of 3.3.2023. I can't believe a story I created is actually in print and I am so excited to finally be able to share it with the world.

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