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Have you ever wanted something so much that you couldn’t imagine your life without it? We spend so much time dreaming, imagining, hoping, that when our dreams start to turn to reality, we end up confused and a bit lost with the new change. It is easy to imagine a new life for us with all the things we have always wanted but what no one tells you is that it’s not only going to be hard, but if you really want it to succeed you must part with your old life first. Not completely of course, there will be parts that stay with you forever. But you must filter out all that didn’t allow you to succeed previously, all the things that had been holding you back. Were you spending too much time taking care of others and not enough time for yourself? Then you will need strong boundaries and the confidence to enforce them. Were you too strong willed and wouldn’t accept help from others? Then you need to get in touch with your vulnerable side and be willing to reach out. Life is all about finding balances and reaching for our dreams helps to push us past our fears and self-imposed limits to better balance ourselves away from whichever extreme we have started leaning towards.
Most people will tell you that to follow your dreams you must work hard. However, I don’t think following a dream is necessarily about working hard, but more about failing hard. You must be willing to fail again and again and not give up. No one ever got their dreams by sitting around and waiting for them to walk by. Or by giving up at the first sign of struggle. And yes, this is incredibly daunting. So you must also be brave.
If you are struggling to hold onto your dreams I want to remind you that it is worth the pain and heartache and dedication. Because just a very short time ago I was there, doubting that this dream of mine could possibly bring enough happiness to make up for the enormous amount of pain it was taking to get here.
Before, I was wise enough to know that happiness is fleeting. Especially when it's the intense kind. But here, living my dream, the happiness is not fleeting, it is simply quiet. But quietly at the back of everything I do. Quietly whispering to me as I cry myself to sleep on a hard day. Quietly touching my hand as I nervously hesitate to explore something new and a bit scary. It's softly whispering in the wind as I walk to work. Always reminding me that this is the life I wanted, this is the life I've been searching for and desperately trying to create. Hold on it whispers, because here it's the pain that is fleeting and with each new sunrise comes that ever present reminder that I wouldn’t trade this new life for anything because it was the one I was always meant to live.
It was written in the stars for me to come here, to live this life. That emptiness I always felt living my old life, that pain that I wrongly assumed would go away with a partner to love; that was simply the voice of the universe telling me to leave, to look for my spark elsewhere. And here I have found it. The simple pleasures that use to bring me simple joy, now bring me such peace and contentment. Waiting at the bus stop, looking at the rushing brown river flow past, every time I see the city castle... It doesn’t seem like big things but each one fills me back up again.
So if you are trying to catch your dreams, to make them real, and life keeps trying to pull you away... If you are starting to wonder if it could possibly be worth it to go through all this and actually enjoy the other side... If it would not be so much easier to just stop fighting for once and resign to the life you have now... My words to you are this: Don’t give up. Never stop fighting. Don’t surrender. For you are only fighting your fears and doubts and if you let them win you will have to live with them forever. But if you saddle up and fight a little harder, YOU will win and you will have EARNED a life worth living. A life that you appreciate every damn day because you know how hard you fought to get here.
So now I would like to share with you my dream. There is a good chance I will fail hard. But failure is only permanent if we make it. I hope you enjoy reading and are inspired to LIVE. Failure, success… this is not a game we win or lose, it’s a game we play each and every day when we open our eyes in the morning.


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  1. Beautiful ! so happy you shared it with grandpa and I, WE are happy for you . but remember you are missed a lot by many . To love you is to know you . pursue your dreams . Love to you Katie grandma Naomi and grandpa George

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