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As an avid world traveler, I’m always eager to discover what things look like from other points of view. This ability to see different perspectives guides me to understand your unique business and write in a way that will best resonate with your diverse audience.

I write with feeling, empathy, and through storytelling. I will help you connect with your audience, to develop a relationship with your customers that goes beyond mindless purchasing. And this all translates to more sales

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Curiosity and Compassion as a Life Style

At the young age of 20, I left everything I ever knew and journeyed across the globe to Australia. My life there completely transformed me as I fell deeply in love with the unique continent and had all kinds of adventures. The experiences I had while living there have been an inspiration for most of the stories I have written and they launched me on my way to learn about and explore the rest of our world. After traveling to 25+ countries and 5 different continents, I have gained a global citizen mindset and an appreciation for this unique planet we all call home.

Ali Finds Her Courage was born from the agony I felt watching first the animals suffering in the 2019/2020 Australian wildfire crisis and then watching my students coping with the worldwide covid crisis equally distraught. I created a book that would give kids comfort in those times of crisis, and even in the calm moments of life, that they are not alone. This is the up and down cycle of life and if we all work together compassionately while in crisis, we can all get through it better, and if we are lucky, with new friends.

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We all have a story to tell and want to be heard. Read a few of the stories I’ve told and how it’s improved their business. Maybe you’ll get some ideas of what you’d like to see improved in your business.

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