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Slovak Friends Language School - Promotional Brochure

Client: The Slovak Friends Language School is owned and run by two amazing and dedicated women – Katka and Zuzana. As life long friends, they merged their passion for teaching into a school. However, covid hit soon after they opened, shifting their entire business model to adapt to an online version. Now in the post-covid days, they were struggling to create a clear path forward. Fill of amazing ideas but struggling to determine the best way to market them and boost clientele. 

I created this project together with the amazingly talented graphic designer Tatiana Miroshnik.

Opportunity: Our task was to create a flyer that would be used at business fairs in the area to attract new students and businesses willing to recommend the school to their foreign employees. As the school is at a point where they are rebranding themselves, they needed help creating brand colors, style, voice, slogan, and narrowing down the target audience.


Result: We created this flyer highlighting the deepest benefits the school has to offer: friendship and community. I wrote in a voice that was friendly and inviting while still professional. I also had to keep in mind that many students aren’t fluent English speakers so I tried to keep things short and simple to understand. We reviewed what the school offers and narrowed down the benefits to the top value ones. Lastly, Tatiana created a design that looked and felt friendly while keeping to the colors in their logo. 

“Katelyn’s work on our flyers and marketing materials has been nothing short of exceptional. Her pro client approach to crafting compelling copy and eye-catching designs has significantly boosted our brand’s visibility. Her creative flair shines through in every piece she creates, making our materials not only informative but also engaging. Her ability to analyze situations and pinpoint what truly matters is remarkable. She’s incredibly efficient and quick, with a knack for selecting the perfect words. Moreover, Katelyn is an attentive listener who genuinely understands her clients’ needs.”

– Katka & Zuzana, Slovak Friends Language School

Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Parish - Weekly Bulletins

Client: The OLL Catholic Parish has a large community of several hundred active parishoners in Portland, OR. 

Opportunity:  With many programs, the parish has created a weekly bulletin to keep regular and occasional members informed and up-to-date on church events and activities. My task was to bring this bulletin to life using a previously created template. I was given 7 pages to work with plus 1 ad page at the end. Each week, I was given information that needed to be included. Using Adobe InDesign and Canva, I redesigned, edited, and arranged material to create a captivating end result. 

Result: After creation, this bulletin was printed and distributed to parishioners coming to church (400 print copies each week). It was also shared online through the parish’s website. Parishioners stayed informed of programs and events and overall attendance was increased due to the ads in the bulletin.


Please click on the images below to view the full PDF.

Coming soon…

– Tom Tomaszek, OLL Pastoral Associate

Other print flyers I created specifically for OLL events:

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