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4 reasons you should hire me:

1. Communicating in an effective way

I grew up in a community where my voice wasn’t able to be heard. For years I fought for ways to be understood and to communicate my needs in a way that was most effective.

The result? I’m extremely talented at not only sensing other people’s needs but communicating them in an effective way that gets results. That means profits for you.

2. Long-term connections and loyalty

I’m the kind of person that doesn’t have a lot of friends but the ones I do have are my ride or dies. I cultivate long-term connections and value loyalty and commitment in all my relationships.

That means if you hire me for a project now and then find out you need copywriting services 5 years from now – I’ll still be here, ready and happy to be working with you again. It also means I will help you cultivate those long-term connections with your clients too.

3. Quick to Adapt

I’m a Jill-of-all-trades having worked many different jobs from personal assistant to working on a farm to working in bakeries to housekeeping at 5 star hotels – My resume/CV is diverse!

I can quickly adapt as projects shift and change shape over time. I’m flexible in new and uncomfortable situations so if you ask me if I can try something I’ve never done before – I’ll say yes and spend the night researching how to best do it so you always are left with the highest quality writing for your business needs.

4. Perseverance

I’ve wanted to live abroad from my home country (USA) for as long as I can remember. I had several “failed” attempts until finally, in 2018, I packed up 2 suitcases and my 10 year old rescue cat and flew across the world to a country I hadn’t even heard of a month previous. I knew no one and didn’t speak a word of the language. Oh, and I broke my foot 4 days before flying. All this adversity made me only push harder, determined to make a life abroad finally.

5 Years later, I can tell you I made it. And I will use this strong minded determination to persevere through any challenging projects you send my way. I never give up.

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