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DoorDash Landing Page - Spec Ad

Client: DoorDash is a well known food ordering and delivery service operating in various countries worldwide for over 10+ years. Their app has reported 20 million monthly active users in 2023. I created this project together with the amazingly talented graphic designer Tatiana Miroshnik.

Opportunity: Our task was to create a landing page from an email advertisement sent to local restaurant owners with the goal for them to become partners with DoorDash and list their restaurant on the app.


Result: We created this landing page mirroring the same tone and feel as DoorDash. We were careful to make it feel comfortable and accessible even for those not tech savvy. Tatiana recommended including some success stories near the bottom of the page which enhanced the selling point with concrete examples of success.

DoorDash-Landing-page-622x1536 (1)

“I created this beautiful design in collaboration with talented copywriter Katelyn Alderson. It was a great collaboration and we are continuing to work on the project designing new pages – ‘About’ and ‘Our Services.'”

– Tatiana Miroshnik

Ginger Photos - Full Website

Client: Ilana Brumble is a talented photographer who desided to transition from being a stay at home mom to freelance photography. Having worked for many photography organizations in the past, she knew the first step was to create a killer website. 

Opportunity: Since she was starting from scratch, she was looking for advice and guidance on establishing a brand identity as well as many of the smaller (but equally important) details needed to create a full website.


Result: I created a Tone Guide and Target Audience Guide to use throughout the site and on social media so that she had a focus and pre-decided tone that was consistent for her new followers. Then I created the copy for her full website including an About Me page and product descriptions.


Click HERE to view the whole site.

Our Lady of the Lake Catholic School - Mission Statement, About Us, Learning Foundations, and Accreditation Pages

Client: Our Lady of the Lake Catholic School (OLL), located in Lake Oswego, has been in operation for over a hundred years with hundreds of students from Pre-K through Middle School. 

Opportunity: The school website was contributed to by many different people with varying skill sets and ideas over the years that it’s been in use. This resulted in the creation of a chaotic and disorganized platform that the school was using to communicate with current and future families with. During my initial assessment of their site, I realized that there wasn’t any About Us page or a page with the school’s interesting history. 



 Result: I first went through the entire site and unified it. I made all the fonts the same size, style, and color. I made sure each page followed the same, simple, easy-to-read pattern, and that all links were working. Then I reorganized the menu at the top of the site to be more user-friendly and created four new pages. I created an About Us page to share the school’s rich history and show potential parents what they would be getting by signing up their kids. I created a Mission Statement page to reflect the school’s values, a Learning foundations page to show some of the main teaching principles, and lastly, an Accreditation page that reflected the excellent learning that the school provides.

Please click on the images below to expand.

“Working with Katelyn highly surpassed my expectations. She was able to take dry, informational, heavy text from our school’s accrediation process and turn it into a rich, welcoming perspective of what our school has to offer. She was communicateive and efficient in her work, and open to feedback as to what we were looking for. She also helped clean up our website to look more presentable and professional. Given her multitude of skills that she presented, I highly recommend her services for whatever your copywriting needs may be.” 

– Joanna Thompson

Technology Administrator, OLL School

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