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Nutritional Tuning - Welcome Letter

The Client: Katherine is a richly knowledgeable nutritionist with decades of experience and clients from all walks of life.

Opportunity: Creating a welcome letter signaled to her decades of established clients that she was transitioning to email marketing. Katherine wanted to announce the creation of her new website and to start posting some of her previous written work on a blog there. The hope was to funnel clients to her website and blog so they can further their wellness knowledge.

Result: Carefully appealing to Katherine’s target audience which are mainly people over the age of 50 and with an already established interest in wellness, I intentionally used a more gentle, informative tone – not one that was pushy or trying to sell something too strongly. You will notice I included only one small CTA at the bottom for this reason. The welcome letter was sent to everyone on her newly created email list and it will be sent to anyone else who signs up for her newsletters on her website.

“Katelyn is supportive and keeps me focused on deadlines and productivity. Her ideas and encouragement are greatly appreciated as deadlines are not my strength. Her suggestion and support for writing a newsletter gave me a reason to be reaching out to my clients.”

– Katherine Branigan

Owner, Nutritional Tuning

Nutritional Tuning - Email Newsletters

The Client: I continued my work with Katherine creating monthly email newsletters. Having single-handedly created and ran her business for 20+ years already, Katherine didn’t want to hand off the marketing to someone else. Instead, we developed a hands-on approach where she was able to feel not only included but in charge. 

Opportunity: I recommended email newsletters to Katherine so that she would be able to strengthen the connection to her clients and loosely stay in touch during the sometimes long gaps between their appointments. Slipping quietly into their inboxes with useful information once a month, clients are gently reminded to take care of their health and make an appointment if they aren’t feeling their best.

Result: Katherine and I worked closely together to create something that would not only improve her sales but in a way where she was able to fully keep the reins to her business. I included a short blurb to introduce and funnel readers to her blog while also giving them new and interesting related information in case they don’t click further. In the end, we created a simple, straightforward text appealing to her typically not-so-tech-savvy clients and with small, subtle CTAs so that she doesn’t come off as sales-y but with the tone of “gifting knowledge.”

Johnson's Baby - Email Advertisement - Spec ad

Client: Johnson’s Baby is a popular and trusted American brand for baby skin care products. With over 125+ years of providing quality products, Johnson’s is a name every American knows.  

Opportunity: Johnson’s Baby offered a 50% off coupon for their baby conditioner product and wanted to share the good deal with their email subscribers. The goal was to spread awareness of this specific baby conditioner and encourage subscribers to become customers by clicking the links in the email.

Result: Mirroring the same educational tone and trusted voice of this well known brand, I created an advertisement that encouraged readers to not only download the coupon but also purchase the product. 

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